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Pre-Alpha Build and Live on Kickstarter!

March 16th, 2017 Posted by Games, News No Comment yet

Hello All!
We’ve released the Pre-Alpha Build of Battle Princess Madelyn on Steam at

Click Download Demo to give the first level (five stages, 3 main and 2 secret) a try !

Also, we’ve launched a Kickstarter!

Come check out some of the unique Battle Princess Madelyn rewards on offer while the campaign is still going at:

Thanks to all of you for your support so far in the journey through Greenlight,  and we have a lot more exciting information on the game coming ahead!

-Chris and Daven
Causal Bit Games Inc.

A Final (Kickstarter) Thank You!

December 19th, 2013 Posted by Insanity's Blade, News No Comment yet

Thank you all!!!

It’s thanks to each one of you for spreading the word and backing the campaign that Insanity’s Blade is funded, let alone the bonus stretch goals of Corpse Surfing and Arena arcade modes! Because of you, these arcade modes will be fully fleshed out with multiple characters to choose from and competitive local multiplayer fun!

We really loved to see all the great feedback and comments on both this Kickstarter and our ongoing Steam Greenlight page, which have helped to influence the game already. You’ve given us some great ideas to work into the full game and even some plans for the time ahead.

Whats coming up for us next?: 

1. Continue striving for the Wii U (and other console/mobile) ports. We’ll look into setting up a PayPal option on our website and possibly other locations.

2. Continue updating the demo as we improve the core engine and add new gameplay features. We want everyone to get a true sample of the final game before it releases.

We look forward to making this game into the ultimate 8-bit experience while also telling the excellent and emotional story of our main characters Thurstan and Finn.

Another round of applause to Dan for getting us out there in such a limited time span! Outstanding work!!

Again, a big thank you to everyone for your unbelievable support through this campaign! We couldn’t have done it without you!! Keep watching for our updates! The Kickstarter may have finished but we’re just getting warmed up!!

Chris and Daven

A special shout out to Dan Rhodenizer! And a big thank you for your support in the final 12 hours!

December 18th, 2013 Posted by Insanity's Blade, News No Comment yet

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to send out a big thank you to Dan Rhodenizer who just jumped on board with us in the last little while to help with marketing. He has been relentless with emailing sites, tweeting and contacting anyone he can in order to help us succeed!!

He’d taken a large amount of work off of our plates when we were trying to concentrate on getting bug fixes and new features added to the game to release demos every week (especially during the adding of the co-op part, yikes!).

insanitysblade 2013-12-16 02-36-28-33

Well, Here we are in the final 12 hours of our Kickstarter campaign. I’d say considering we were relatively unknown before this campaign started, it ended up doing pretty well! We wanted to send out one final thank you before the campaign ended and to let you know we will still be doing constant updates on the game until it is finished!

So from Daven and myself, we would like to offer our most sincere thanks to each and every one of you that has helped us along on this fantastic journey! Be it word of mouth or just sharing the page to some of the gigantic pledges we’ve received, we appreciate every little bit of help we have been given along the way! You’re making a dream come true for a couple of guys who love making video games as much as they love playing them!

Thank you!!

Chris and Daven


New Co-Op Footage and Final 48 Hours!

December 17th, 2013 Posted by Insanity's Blade, News No Comment yet

Well, we finally had a little time to do a co-op game play clip! So here it is!! This shows of not only the second player in action, but also the new coin system, and HUD! (Hogging the loot is fun!)


Chris & Daven

PS: The Kickstarter pre-order is a great chance to get the game at a discount (and a free Steam key once we’re greenlit) and we really hope to deliver an awesome experience when the game releases in 2014!

We’re in the final 48 hours and have reached our first stretch goal! (Corpse Surfing Arcade Mode), but the Wii-U is still a short gap away!

Thank you all for the support so far and we ask you to please continue in sharing the demo, pictures, and videos of Insanity’s Blade!