Insanity’s Blade is being pushed to TBA status

June 7th, 2014 Posted by News No Comment yet

Hey everyone,

Well we have the game completed aside of a few minor glitches. But we’ve had people testing the game and all have made suggestions to game play mechanics, sounds issues, and other little things. So we’ve talked it over and decided to put the game intoTBA status for the public.

While the game plays great, there have been suggestions to make it even better and with a little more time we can do it. But for now, we will be giving our Kickstarter backers a private build of the game completed as intended. Based on more people playing, we will collect the best suggestions to the game play and make the changes before releasing to the public. We really don’t expect it to take that long but we’re also not happy with announcing release dates and then pushing it back again. So this time we will finish the game (again) and then announce it a week before release.

As is, the game is completely playable from start to finish in both single player and co-op modes. But the common issues people have are the controls/movement – too stiff or too loose. People have also complained about the music/sound not suiting the game. So we are going to look into everything we can to make this game as enjoyable as possible for everyone who wants to play it.

We really do listen to feedback and take it very seriously! While we know we can’t make everyone 100% happy, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try!

Thank you again for your patience!

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