Introducing – Insanity’s Blade

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A little info about Insanity’s Blade:


– The game is a side scrolling action/adventure with rpg elements in it.
– Based on a comic I had created about 10 years ago.
– Uses most limitations of the NES to make the experience as close as possible to the “golden oldies”. There will be no sprite flickering or slow down though 😉
– Weapons system and upgrades as you progress. Around half way through the game you gain a permanent weapon which will totally alter the gameplay.
– Store visits between stages provide great upgrades to better your odds of survival
– 18 stages total
– Cutscenes between each level (every 3 stages or so) to advance the story
– Massive bosses and/or Mini Bosses in nearly every level.
– AI driven side kick
intohell stg7boss stg9a stg9b stg10a stg10b screen1 slide3 slide2 slide1 lvl5a

Kickstarter coming soon! Visit the official game page or Like Insanity’s Blade on Facebook for more updates!

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