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Over 100% Funded! Demo Co-Op, HUD updates, and more released!

December 16th, 2013 Posted by Games, Insanity's Blade, News No Comment yet

It’s that magical time again on Sunday night/Monday morning where we release our demo with a game play vid! This time we bring you the following features on top of Friday night’s Co-Op demo:

  • All new heads up display. Now you can keep track of both players health, level progression, lives, score and money all in one area!
  • Enemy AI has been altered for 2 players. Originally, all enemies did a b-line straight to Thurstan but now they will patrol an area before attacking the closest threats
  • Money is now a little more exciting to pick up! When you step on a giant coin or money bag, it will break into individual 10-point coins which fly up into your character’s HUD. Start hogging the loot in Co-Op!
  • More camera tweaking for a further improved experience
  • Deafening screams of villagers have be toned down quite a bit
  • Player 2’s level up system is completely working as well as his scoring system.
  • There is also an Easter egg at the title screen. HINTS: 1. Access it from the main menu, it can be done with one or two players 2. Two keys must be held down to trigger it 3. The FIRST key is not one of the default Player 1 controls. If we reach the $7000 stretch goal, we will reveal how to find the Easter Egg!

Here’s a video of single player with all the new features:

Here are some screen shots of player 2 with HUD!! (we’ll post a video of this tomorrow!):

 And as usual here are the demo links in the usual flavors!!:


Again, Thank you all for the tremendous support over the past few weeks. And even though the Kickstarter will be coming to an end soon. It won’t stop us from updating and posting new demos and videos!

We’ve also massively updated the Kickstarter page itself!!

Reward MatrixStretch Goals

Just over 2 days left! Now let’s hit those stretch goals!!!

Reward Tiers

Another Sunday night/Monday morning, another huge demo update!!!

December 9th, 2013 Posted by Insanity's Blade, News No Comment yet

Hey everyone! It’s been quiet for the past few days but our Kickstarter for Insanity’s Blade is still going strong! We’re at 71% funded and have 9 days to go, thank you all for supporting us so far!

Well we’ve gone and done another crazy update to the game play which directly affects the demo as well! We’ve listened to the feed back and we’ve taken the good ideas and built upon them! So in this update you will find:

  • Stage 1 visual improvements – less fire, more background for the people who were having a hard time telling the difference between zombies and fire!!
  • Original Wall jump is only available when playing in Hard Mode! Easy and Medium modes have wall climb and an alternate version of wall jump called the LUNGE!
  • Camera has been tweaked significantly!!
  • A menu to select these difficulty settings!!
  • Scrolling intro and outro art has been changed to use in game or in game sized graphics, making the cutscenes much more interesting!

The demo is available from the same links:

Linux 32:
Linux 64:

Don’t have time to try the demo? That’s cool, watch me breeze through stage 1 in this YouTube playthrough 😀

Hope you enjoy the update as much as we enjoyed making it for you!!

Linux Yay! (And other stuff)

December 5th, 2013 Posted by Insanity's Blade, News No Comment yet

Hey everyone! We’re finally ready to begin testing the Linux version of Insanity’s Blade, which comes in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors! We also want to let you know that we’re dropping the stretch goal for Wii U to $8000!

Thank you all for your support so far and we hope you enjoy this new update!!

New in this Demo:

– All new camera code
– Grab controls reprogrammed and many bugs here were fixed!
– The Dagger is now bigger (so you can see what it is 😉 )
– The money bag no longer looks like a raw turkey!
A new PDF read-me to better explain the game, controls, and combo’s
– Various other control tweaks and graphical improvements

Download the demo!

Linux 32:
Linux 64:

Having any issues playing on Mac or Linux? Try this:
For Mac, extract the zip file and copy the application to your “Applications” folder. You may also need to allow applications that are not from Apple store developers in your security settings

For Linux, right-click the file and edit it’s properties to allow it to run as an executable file.

New gameplay video – Stage 2 (zombie sledding!)

December 2nd, 2013 Posted by Insanity's Blade, News No Comment yet

So we got stage two together enough to show you how it looks. This is the third rebuild of this stage. It started out as 15 minutes long then 10, now 5 minutes! But it’s harder and 100x more fun.

And now I will introduce the first stage which features Corpse Surfing! While escaping the mountain side during a downpour the ground begins to crumble and sink. You must get Thurstan and Finn to the safety of the old mines! Leap from the sinking ground and onto the back of an unsuspecting undead passer by!! Jump holes while dodging an angry spirit’s magic! Stomp your corpse to knock the magic out of the air with vomit!!

Warning – zombie will explode on impact with flat ground!!

*This video footage is of a beta stage and does not reflect the final quality of the stage!

Also, we’re over 50% funded on Kickstarter and have 16 days to go! Seriously, thank you all for the support so far in the crowdfunding of this game!