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Causal Bit Games
Based in Bridgewater, NS. Canada

Founding date:
June 2013

Causal Bit Games

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30 Cresthaven Crt.
Bridgewater, NS.

+1 902 212 2029

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Causal Bit Games is an independent gaming start-up company based in Bridgewater, NS. Owner and Creative Director, Christopher Obritsch has been in the business of professional graphic design and game development for many years. With the assistance of his outstandingly talented developer and co-owner, Daven Bigelow, he wishes to bring his many ideas to the world of gaming!

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What happened?? Why are we here??

Chris, Owner and Creative Director at Causal Bit Games, was tinkering with game development as a hobby while trying to create a game for his daughter. The result was the development of an new engine, that was later used by the UK based digital media company, RAMJAM in a game coded by Chris called “Escape from 85”.

Chris had met Daven, partner and developer at Causal Bit games, while looking for help with his daughter’s game. The two hit it off well and began working on Insanity’s Blade project. Insanity’s Blade was a graphic novel and web comic written and drawn by Chris, released online only.

Chris and Daven joked around with the idea of making an old school Nintendo style game out of the comic concept. Eventually curiosity got the better of Chris and he began drawing sprites, pixel by pixel, using the exact palette of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. From that, spawned the code for a full level and a boss fight for what would then become the Insanity’s Blade game! At this point, Daven had stepped in to do code for ladders and a piece of the Boss fight. Before they knew it, three stages had been built and an alpha demo was released to the Public.

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Stage 1 updated with new graphics

Early build of stage 2 with new graphics

Alpha Build of Go-Go Maddi!

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There are more images available. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!
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Logo & Branding


There are currently no logos or icons available for Causal Bit Games. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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Awards & Recognition

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Selected Articles


“…if you loved your NES or SMS and you just can’t get rid of the feeling that today’s games aren’t like games were back then, buy this game! If you don’t have this nostalgic feeling, you should at least take a closer look, because this game is definitely worth it.”
– A Gamer’s Panorama, A Gamer’s Panorama

“This is definitely one to watch whether you’re a gamer that remembers the old days or not: the potential here is great and thus far. Have a look for yourself.”
– Kurt Kroeck, www.instash.com

“Insanity’s Blade Will Put Hair on Your Chest”
– Joel Couture, mashthosebuttons.com

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Additional Links


Insanity’s Blade on Steam Greenlight
Drop by and show us your support at our Steam Green Light page!



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Team & Repeating Collaborators


Christopher Obritsch
President, Creative Director

Daven Bigelow
Vice President, Developer

Angelina Obritsch
Treasurer, Legal and Accounting

Tatiana Barros
PR & Marketing

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General Inquiries

PR & Marketing

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