Causal is defined as: relating to or acting as a cause.
What that really means is: We cause fun and cool games to come into existence!

Christopher Obritsch
Creative Director/Owner of Causal Bit Games
Lead Developer, Graphics, Sound, Music

A father, long time creative director of  web and print, and award nominated indie game developer, game collector and player of both classics and current. Chris is the lead developer, artist and back up musician for Insanity’s Blade.

Chris comes from an art direction and creative direction background. With magazines under his belt such as Maxim and Playback, he has also designed for the National Post and the Financial Post. Further back he studied multi-media design and has been an artist since his early days. Also an avid video game collector and chronic classic game player. Most recently a game Chris has coded for a digital agency in the UK (RamJam) has been nominated for a UK Music Video Award for Best Interactive Music Video 2013.