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Hey Everyone!

Well, the bug fixing is still coming along but we’re finally getting close to the tweaking stage! We have some exciting updates to share too! Since only one of us can be in the code at a time, I’ve been doing extra art assets for the game! In the past two nights I’ve drawn up seven new enemies for the game to break up the relentless onslaught of the undead in every stage.

Although the story itself is about the sword and a demon who raises the dead, I found it was just too repetitive to kill undead enemies in every stage. Also I felt there was a lack of medium sized enemies too. I had code kicking around from other projects that made it quick and easy to add the AI in, while we could cut and paste the rest of the things (damage to enemy, damage to player and XP) and do a simple replace of objects in the code. Repetition in enemies was a concern of my own and a couple of the beta testers. So that’s one major thing down!

New Enemies
A list of new enemies are:

  • Giant Slime
  • Skeleton Archer
  • Wisps (5 kinds)
  • Orc (3 kinds)
  • Stone Death Heads
  • Hopper Goblins
  • Tree Giants


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