A big bad bug – The beta testing has paid off!

May 21st, 2014 Posted by News No Comment yet

Hey Everyone!

So Bug testing has paid off. There was a game breaking bug that we need to make sure we have completely ironed out before launch. So to play it safe we are going to push the date back to the 10th of June. This bug can actually stop progression through the game and it may have occurred when we were removing objects to stop the game development program from crashing (event trigger will go blank when you delete an object but the event contents remain meaning they constantly trigger for no reason – this actually happened in several spots but the rest were minor).

So now we have to go through the code very carefully to make sure we’ve killed it properly! I think it was only in a few spots but you never know. The game has grown so big in size we may have cut and paste something somewhere and forgot about it.

There were a few other minor bugs to squish but we’ve gotten most of them already. So sorry again for the delay, we are working hard to deliver a great experience to you the first time around!


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