New gameplay video – Stage 2 (zombie sledding!)

December 2nd, 2013 Posted by Insanity's Blade, News No Comment yet

So we got stage two together enough to show you how it looks. This is the third rebuild of this stage. It started out as 15 minutes long then 10, now 5 minutes! But it’s harder and 100x more fun.

And now I will introduce the first stage which features Corpse Surfing! While escaping the mountain side during a downpour the ground begins to crumble and sink. You must get Thurstan and Finn to the safety of the old mines! Leap from the sinking ground and onto the back of an unsuspecting undead passer by!! Jump holes while dodging an angry spirit’s magic! Stomp your corpse to knock the magic out of the air with vomit!!

Warning – zombie will explode on impact with flat ground!!

*This video footage is of a beta stage and does not reflect the final quality of the stage!

Also, we’re over 50% funded on Kickstarter and have 16 days to go! Seriously, thank you all for the support so far in the crowdfunding of this game!

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