Happy Holidays

December 24th, 2013 Posted by Games, Insanity's Blade No Comment yet

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Causal Bit Games! It’s been a busy few days since the Kickstarter campaign successfully ended! We’ve been hard at work on some new bits!

Announcing the shooter stages!!

We decided that platforming, zombie surfing and mini games were not giving us the full game feeling we wanted, so we’ve replaced a few of the regular platforming stages with shooter stages! In single player or co-op climb aboard a rotting dragon and fly it through the skies, defeating the airborne undead!

Massive stage 7 updates!!

Although the map and boss for the decaying church stage have been close to completed for some time, there were no enemies and the boss fight wasn’t completed (no death animation). Well it is now! We’ve added 4 new enemy types just for this stage. Priest zombies, Puking Nun Zombies, Purple Eye Snot, and Fade – a giant clump of ectoplasm that sucks your energy away! Also added collapsing floors to the mix.

And again! Happy Holidays from the gang at Causal Bit Games!!



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